Zombie Drift Game : Kill all zombies

Drive a car and kill the zombies, Collect all the coin around the map and pass the levels to become and best drift zombie drift racers. Looking to knock out some zombies while drifting? Survive the deadly wave and take control of your destiny by getting behind the wheel. Similar to other zombie survivor game, your goal is to kill as many zombies as possible and survive the battle against zombies. Move through the zombie apocalyptic arena and kill some zombies through your car. You can also upgrade your car with advanced armor and weaponry. Kill the game bosses to unlock additional resources. After all, these are the most dangerous of all the game enemies. Prepare for a meeting against them. Plan to upgrade your entire inventory such as your car, weapons, armor. This would help in defeating your rivals and fighting against the game boss at the end. Do you like zombie games? This game is an excellent chance to become the next famous zombie hunter by smashing them through your car. Similar to the zombie movies, these infected zombies are scattered throughout the city and your goal is to cleanse the city of these deadly zombies. Features of Zombie Drift Racer Killer:- – Coin collections – Rewards while passing the levels. – Different Killing Cars. – Different Levels. These monstrous zombies would attack your car as you try and attack through while driving. Finish them with your chosen shooting survival weapon attack arsenal. You can also kill them by hitting them against the abandoned cars in the apocalyptic arena. Zombie drift racer as the name suggests lets you drive different cars and upgrade your arsenal when possible. Choose machine guns and death shotguns to earn shooting power and destruction ability of your car. Shield yourself by using addicted armor. This would minimize the damage and destruction done by your rivals. What are you waiting for? Smash through the deadly zombies in this fictional and pure action apocalyptic racing game. Prepare your ride, mount your weapon/gun, and drift through the deadly waves in the different locations and arenas full of zombies. Are you into car crashing, fury racing, and shooting car games full of action, explosion, and mindless driving? If yes, then you would surely love this new apocalyptic game. Zombie drift racer killer has amazing graphics and is the perfect Zombie game. Defeat the zombie virus from spreading and push away all the other vehicles from the ordinary bikes to heavy tanks. Be a cool driver and become the best car smasher! The theme revolves around you being a real car smasher and a professional stunt driver. Smash all these zombies with a drifting car zombie push. Rescue the humans in search of viruses with zombie driving derby that helps to keep the zombies at bay. Upgrade your car as this would help your car to eat zombies in this all-important drift car zombie game. Go for an instant zombie kill as this would increase your power and grades. Running away from zombies would only result in increased zombies everywhere in this zombie drifting and racing simulator!
Drive a car and kill the zombies Collect all the coin around the map and pass the levels to become and best drift zombie drift racers Looking to knock out some zombies while drifting Survive the deadly wave and take control of your destiny by gett