Let It Ride Poker

Let it Ride Poker is a popular casino table game where players can determine how much they stake. Players start with a three-card hand and can use two community cards to construct a regular five-card poker hand. A pair of tens or better wins! Big hands mean big wins Let it Ride poker has some of the largest payouts in the casino.

Let It Ride Poker Rules

Let it Ride In poker, the player places three bets on the table (in certain online casinos, you place one stake with the opportunity to increase later – this is just aesthetic). The dealer then deals the player three cards face down. The player may examine their cards. The gamer can either let it ride or reverse a bet. The dealer then presents the first community card. The player can now either withdraw a bet or leave them all on the table. The final community card is revealed. A pair of tens or better wins each wager at this point. Otherwise, all bets are lost.

Let it Ride Poker Strategies

The most critical decision in Let it Ride Poker is when to let it ride and when to retract a wager. Of course, you want to leave more money on the table when you anticipate to win, and less when you expect to lose. The best way to win at Let it Ride Poker is to utilize the following strategy:

Let it ride exclusively with these hands:

  • Any hand that can already win.
  • Royal flush of three cards.
  • 3-4-5 or higher suited cards.
  • Three to a gapless straight flush with at least one ten-card.
  • Three to a two-gap straight flush with two tens or higher.
  • Let it ride with these hands:
  • Any hand that can already win.
  • 4 cards to flush (including a straight flush or royal flush).
  • A straight draw with four cards.
  • In all other cases, it is best to withdraw a bet.

The three-card bonus bet in Let it Ride Poker is similar to the PairPlus bet in 3 Card Poker. It also pays for a Mini Royal or AKQ of the same suit. With a considerably larger house edge than Let it Ride Poker itself. Other casinos offer a £1 side bet that pays up to £20,000 for a Royal Flush. This is a sucker bet with a house edge of over 20%.