jerry adventure Runner

you want to play in a running funny game of the most famous characters in the cartoon world? Do you really want to venture to live the chases between stupid cat and naughty little mouse? Jerry world adventure is a new game that can make able to get this funny adventure with those naughty characters. As we said earlier this adventure game of jerry give you a lot of fun and chases with his enemy tom but this time not in the house this chases and will be in a big jungle with other monsters and that will add Little difficulties to the game, so you should help our mouse to escape from this angry cat by run and avoid obstacles and dangers. You need to develop your skills at running and dodging so fast because tom will never Falling back to catch his enemy mouse. You can help our friend to collect cheese to get high scores and diamonds to you can find a lot items in this game that will helps you to beat the monsters which can disturb you . and don’t forget that you don’t have much time because tom always behind you Features: – Running and jumping -cat and mouse chases -nice theme songs and HD graphics -Free game Ps: our jerry game is just a Fanmake game. and have no relation with real characters of the cartoon
welcome to the temples and jungles running games with our superhero jerry a new adventure run game for boys and girls Explore the cave of wonder with an awesome platform as the prince to collect gold coins and try to save the princess magical oil lamps