Hot Sky

It’s time to test your incredible skills as a war pilot in Hot Sky! Will you be brave enough to face the unknown on a planet invaded by all kinds of alien ships ready to destroy your base? This desolate, hostile environment with stunning 3D graphics, full of dangerous explosives and piles of chests full of gold coins, won’t let you rest your eyes for a single second as a small distraction could completely destroy your mission. As you successfully complete each level, you’ll earn financial rewards that you can invest in upgrading your ship; increasing its firing speed, increasing the power of its weaponry and improving its resistance to enemy fire. You’ll also find a multitude of power-ups along the way that will instantly improve your ability to quickly destroy enemy ships and defence towers that come dangerously close to you. There are dozens of achievements to collect! You’ll survive at the end of each screen through 15 exciting levels full of obstacle traps and lots of fun, just to prove that you can be the best war pilot in the world and enjoy all the action you can imagine! What features does Hot Sky offer? Enjoy amazing and detailed 2D graphics, He pilots amazing ships. Destroy everything in your path and accumulate as many gold coins as possible. Buy upgrades with your profits. Face numerous enemies and defense towers ready to annihilate you. Succeed in a total of 15 unique and unrepeatable levels.