Gap Ball 3D Energy

If you’re someone that enjoys the recent technological growth, allow this game to take you into a different dimension. The one-finger control game is precisely what you need if you want to think about different strategies that will keep you hooked to the screen for many hours. Ensure that you’re quick-thinking to pass for the next level. The first few levels are straightforward. Even though this is the case, you will notice straight away that you need to think about new plans of action. Bring your protection side forward as you need to protect the ball from different objects in the way. Even though it sounds easy, this is not the case. Realistic Physics Due to the 3D design, you will not perceive this game as any that you will find. The addictive game has realistic views. If you believe that the other games have focused too much on simple designs, you will not have the same feelings for Gap Ball 3D. Use your general knowledge and intellect to pass the levels. Full Control The one-finger control will allow you to have complete control over the results of the game. Therefore, you must think fast. As you travel, you will be able to see on the top of the screen how far you’ve gone. This action will give you an indication of how fast you have to move your finger.
Use mouse to play